All Night Study

Room Checkout

Does your study group need a room to study?

Meeting Rooms are available for group use:

  1. Rooms are available for groups of three or more students, all present at time of sign up, and all carrying current TitanCards.
  2. Rooms may be checked out for up to four hour time blocks. A group must wait in line for every block; no consecutive blocks will be given out to any group waiting only once.
  3. Room sign-ups will begin thirty minutes prior to block time at 4pm-8pm, 9pm-1am, 2am-6am in the courtyard glass door leading to the Stearns room beginning at 4pm.
  4. Meeting rooms will be closed for cleaning between blocks. This means that at the end of each block time, the group must clear all belongings and trash, regardless of whether or not they are remaining in the same room during the next block.

Be sure to follow the rules:

  1. The meeting rooms are for studying only
  2. No loud socializing
  3. No loud music
  4. No sleeping
  5. Throw away trash when leaving
  6. Room must be vacated at the end of the time block
  7. Do not move any tables within a room or any furniture between rooms
  8. If a room is left unoccupied for 15 minutes or more, it will be forfeited
  9. Groups will be given only ONE (1) warning for noise complaints. If complaints persist, groups will be asked to leave
  10. The Titan Student Union staff reserves the right to remove any persons who do not follow these rules, Titan Student Union policies and CSUF policies.
Respect others and keep noise levels to a minimum.