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The following is a listing of referrals based on the professional advice of the CSUF Children's Center staff. The child-care facilities and programs are not associated directly with the CSUF Children's Center; they are recommended by their outstanding reputation and customer satisfaction. For more information visit the California Child Care Resource & Referral Network.

"Kid Care" Child Care Information

General child care referrals
(714) 543-2273 (Orange County)
(909) 397-4740 (Pomona Area)
(626) 856-5900 (Los Angeles)

Anaheim Family Children's Station

2 months to 6 years-old
(714) 774-5437 (Anaheim)

Orange County Child Care Association Licensed Home Day Care Referrals

(714) 893-0390


Fullerton Community College
2.5 months through 5 years
(714) 992-7467

Private School

Berkeley School
Pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade
(714) 871-2050


Community Care Licensing
Check with Licensing for any records
of complaints for centers or homes.
Orange County (714) 703-2800
Los Angeles County (323) 981-3350

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