The Associated Students Inc. provides funding for the administration and programs operated by the corporation, a variety of college clubs, and cultural groups. In addition to the ASI Board Vice Chair/Treasurer, this page is designed to act as a resource to groups that the ASI funds. Below you will find many of the common documents used throughout the year to request/secure funding including the current budget handbook, the support schedule, timelines, and documents for the next fiscal year’s budget process. The Accounting and Executive Senate pages can be additional resources. If you have any questions regarding any of the information on this page, please feel free to contact the ASI Board Vice Chair/Treasurer at (657) 278-3295 or asboardvctreasurer@fullerton.edu. ASI Leader and Program Development is also an additional resource on the topic.



Consolidated ASI & TSC, CSUF, Inc. 2017-2018 Budget Narrative
Associated Students Budget Handbook 2016-2017
Titan Student Centers Handbook 2016-2017


Associated Students Budget Narrative 2015-2016
Associated Students Budget Handbook 2015-2016
Associated Students, Inc. Financial Statements 2015-2016
Associated Students, Inc. Financial Statements 2014-2015
Titan Student Centers Budget Narrative 2015-2016
Titan Student Centers Budget Handbook 2015-2016
Titan Student Centers Financial Statements 2015-2016
Titan Student Centers Financial Statements 2014-2015


ASI Financial Policies and Procedures
Line-Item Definitions


Financial Handbook


Check Requisition Form


Delegate Contract for Traveling Using ASI Fees
Standard Agreement


ASI Programs, funded and funding councils, and other clubs and organizations can request funding for the upcoming fiscal year during the Budget Process. The budget process is detailed in the Orientation Packet, which is attached HERE. New groups interested in submitting a proposal should schedule an appointment with the ASI Board Vice Chair/Treasurer as soon as possible.

To submit a proposal for the upcoming fiscal year:

  1. First, a representative from the program must attend a mandatory preliminary budget meeting with the ASI VP of Finance.
  2. After attending this meeting, the ASI Vice President of Finance will send you a budget request template.
  3. Once you have completed your budget proposal, email it back to the ASI Vice President of Finance, using your program name and fiscal year (e.g. AICA, 2016-17), in the email subject line.

When creating your proposal, it is important to remember the following:

  • Remain committed to the Mission Statement of ASI
  • Be conservative and fiscally responsible
  • Provide clear, concise justification for your funding request
  • Include both the quantitative information as well as detailed descriptions about the nature of your program’s activities and services

If you have any questions about budget proposals or the budget process, please contact the ASI Board Vice Chair/Treasurer at asboardvctreasurer@fullerton.edu or at (657) 278-3295.

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