Congratulations to the Spring 2014 election winners!
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----- ASI President & Executive Vice President -----

Harpreet Bath & Michael Badal

Election Candidate

Harpreet Bath: ASI President

Harpreet S. Bath is a 4th year business student with an emphasis in operations management. Though most of his involvement has been with Associated Student, Inc. (ASI) he has always been connected to the campus as a whole. During his freshman year Bath was a member of the CSUF Speech and Debate team where he learned to research issues important to the CSUF community and competed against other universities in the Southern California region. His passion for social justice only grew more when he had the opportunity to organize the CSUF Volunteer and Service Center’s 8th annual Social Justice Summit his sophomore year. Bath also served as the President of the CSUF Finance Association. During his tenure, the Finance Association was named “Best Organization” by the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics Inter-Club Council. Though Bath was proud of his accomplishments, he had a desire to serve his fellow students on a wider scale. He was elected to the ASI Board of Directors, representing the college of Engineering and Computer Science. His fellow students recognized his natural leadership ability and appointed him to serve as the Vice Chair of the Board during his term. After completing his time on the Board, Bath was appointed as the ASI Chief Governmental Officer (GGO), where he serves currently. His position has allowed him to be a passionate and dedicated advocate for students in all external and legislative affairs. Bath truly believes that his leadership experience and passion for student success will guide him as ASI President and CEO.

Election Candidate

Michael Badal: ASI Executive Vice President

Michael George Badal is a third year Political Science major. He has been involved on campus since the beginning of his freshman year. He is a founding father of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity (PIKE) and has been involved in ASI’s Titan Student Centers Board of Trustees since the second semester of his freshman year. Inspired by his personal experience, he decided to become an orientation leader and spent his summer helping students transition into the university. Badal was able to continue with the New Student Programs office, working as an information specialist, as well as returning as an Orientation leader for a second summer. He has also continued his service to the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity acting as the Alumni Relations Chair, Campus Involvement Chair, Risk Management Executive Member and the External Vice President. These various positions have shaped him into a passionate leader and dedicated student advocate. Being involved in ASI since his freshmen year, Badal has a thorough understanding of the organization and its purpose. Due to his other leadership positions, he has a vast knowledge of the university and what it can offer to our unique and diverse campus.

----- ASI Board of Directors -----

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College of the Arts: Andrea DiTommaso & Ramsey Guerra

Andrea DiTommaso

Election Candidate

I am currently in my 3rd year here at Cal State Fullerton, as a music performance major in the College of the Arts. For the past 2 years I have been a member of Sigma Alpha Iota, a professional music fraternity for women. Last year, I was Editor, and this year I am Sergeant-at-Arms and the representative for the Arts Inter-Club Council. I am also currently the Marketing Director for Arts Week, and the president of Flute Club. As a musician, I have played in several ensembles on campus, and have participated in various masterclasses over the summer. I hope to be a professional musician, playing in a symphony orchestra or in a military band.

Ramsey Guerra

Election Candidate

Hi my name is Ramsey Guerra and I am a junior transfer from Victor Valley College. I am majoring in Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design. My venture in Arts first started at my sophomore year in high school when I was 14 and I knew that I would major in Art. When I transferred here in Fall 2013 I got involved immediately as a member of ASI Street Team volunteering at campus events, member of ASI Scholarship Committee grading applications for different scholarships and a member of Sigma Nu Fraternity where I sit on the “Event Planning” Committee and “Marketing Committee” in charge of designing shirts banners or posters. By being immersed in ASI this past year, I learned that ASI has many resources for students and that students do not really know what they are. I want to advocate for student rights and reinforce communication between the College of the Arts and Associated Students. While in high school, I was apart of ASB and in charge of promoting all of our events such as pep rallies. Through ASI here in CSUF I have become very involved with many of the events and Titan Tusk Force promoting school spirit and an overall better college life experience.

Mihaylo College of Business and Economics: Starlena McBride & Adam Shurter

Starlena McBride

Election Candidate

Hi! My name is Starlena McBride, a fourth year Business Administration major with a double concentration in Marketing and Entertainment & Tourism Management. Currently, I serve as a Union and Special Programming Coordinator on ASI Productions, planning campus-wide events such as “Titans on Ice.” I am also actively involved in the American Marketing Association and the Entertainment and Tourism Club. I have an innovative mindset and am eager to hear students ideas. I would love the opportunity to continue to grow as a student leader serving on the Board of Directors.

Adam Shurter

Election Candidate

Hello! my name is Adam Shurter and I'm campaigning to represent the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics for the ASI Board of Directors. I'm running for the Board of Directors because I believe that my knowledge and skills from my past experiences can be applied to this position for the greater good of the student body. I firmly believe that you should vote for me because I have extensive experience in financial, entrepreneurial, and even legislative roles.

If you would like to learn more about my credentials, I encourage you to contact me! My email is, and I am on LinkedIn and Facebook.

College of Communications: Jourdan Luedeke & Ciara Redmond

Jourdan Luedeke

Election Candidate

My name is Jourdan Luedeke and in 2015 I will complete undergraduate degrees in both Communications and American Studies. Currently, I hold a position on the Board of Directors as one of the representatives for the College of Education and plan to expand my horizons as a representative for the College of Communications in the upcoming school year. I am part of the Student California Teachers Association, the Entertainment and Tourism Club, and one of the Panhellenic Chapters here on campus and on the University Affairs Committee. Previous school involvement includes being the Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment and ASI Street Team Volunteer. My exposure to student government sparked my interest in using my experience to help make positive changes on campus and within our student-run government. I am very passionate about the work I take on and the inner-processes of CSU Fullerton. I love to attend club events, seminars, College weeks and especially sporting events on campus in order to meet new people, amplify school pride and become better acquainted with our Fullerton campus and surrounding community.

Ciara Redmond

Election Candidate

Hello! My name is Ciara Redmond and I am a third year Communications major with an emphasis in Public Relations and a minor in Radio/TV/Film. I am a Senior Titan Ambassador (Campus Tour Guide) through the office of New Student and Parent Programs and have the rewarding role of meeting prospective students and sharing my love for Cal State Fullerton with them. I am also the Events Coordinator for Titan Tusk Force, Associated Students, Incorporated in which I plan pep rallies and various other Titan pride events, such as Homecoming Week. During Fall 2012 and Spring 2013, I had the opportunity to serve on the executive board, as a delegate, for my Panhellenic organization. Through this position, I cast votes on behalf of my organization and was the voice of my chapter. In the past, I have interned at Sony Pictures Entertainment (Summer 2012) and was a member of the Entertainment and Tourism Club (Fall 2011 and Spring 2012). Because of my experien ces, enthusiasm for Cal State Fullerton and passion for helping others, I am confident that I can successfully fulfill the role as Board of Directors for the College of Communications.

College of Education: Alexander Foy & Derek Weinmann

Alexander Foy

Election Candidate

Hello, my name is Alexander Foy. I am a second year History major with a minor in Kinesiology and I am excited to be running for the Board of Directors. My journey in the College of Education began in my junior year of high school where my Algebra II teacher changed my entire career path and helped me want to become a future teacher. During my first year at Cal State Fullerton, I immediately became involved in Sigma Nu Fraternity and since initiation; I currently hold three leadership positions as Risk Reduction Officer, Assistant Marshal of New Member Education, and Chapter Historian. I am also involved in ASI Spring Concert Committee and have learned of the many resources available for students to enhance their learning and college experience through ASI. I am involved with Interfraternity Council and serve as VP of Community Service. I am currently a member of National Education Association and Southern California Teachers Association. If elected, I will make sure that students are aware of campus involvement opportunities and help students find organizations. I will advocate and reinforce communication between students and ASI.

I want to help and be a part of every student’s road to success.

Derek Weinmann

Election Candidate

Derek Weinmann is 2nd year majoring in Child and Adolescent Development, with a minor in Political Science. Although he has only been at CSUF for 2 years, Derek has become involved with various organizations on campus, and has succeeded in balancing leadership and school work. During his first year, Derek became involved in Resident Student Association serving as their technical director. He was also fortunate to be approved by the Board of Directors as the Strategic Communication Coordinator for ASI Lobby Crops, managing the organization’s marketing needs. This year Derek was selected to continue in his position with Lobby Corps and is also currently employed as a Resident Advisor on campus. His knowledge of CSUF services and organizations is top notch. If elected Derek has promised to represent his constituents ensuring their voice does not go unheard. “Leaders often get clouded by their own agendas forgetting who they really serve. I want to make sure that all students share their own message, and allow me to communicate that message.” stated Derek. Derek has excelled as a leader here at CSUF and plans to continue to after graduating. The college of Education creates strong leaders every day, and Derek Weinmann will fight for every message to be heard. All he needs you to do is vote for him to represent the college of Education for the ASI Board of Directors, March 18th to 20th!

College of Engineering and Computer Science: & Craig Varner

Christopher Mata

Election Candidate

Hello! My name is Chris Mata and I am a second year Computer Engineering major. I chose this path because of my passion and curiosity for computers and math. I also chose this route because I want to do or create something that will impact the world, and I feel like this is the best way to go about it. As a student and an athlete, I have always lived by the mentality that success can be achieved as long as you work hard enough for it. I had to take algebra three times and pre-calculus twice, but thanks to hard work, I currently tutor math here at Cal State Fullerton at an advanced level. In addition, I get to interact with and help people directly and due this, I understand what it’s like to make a difference to someone. I would love the opportunity to represent the College of Engineering and Computer Science and make a difference to a lot more people.

Craig Varner

Election Candidate

Hello my name is Craig Varner and I'm running to serve as a representative for the College of Engineering and Computer Science on the ASI Board of Directors. I am a sophomore majoring in Computer Engineering. While here at CSUF I have been a part of the school's Cross Country and Track teams, and I'm currently a member of the Club Ultimate Frisbee team. In my spare time I'm involved with the community with various volunteer work such as the Anaheim Homeless Count and spending time helping those in Skid Row, Los Angeles. I believe the work ethic I've learned from competitive sports, and various volunteer projects coupled with the leadership abilities I've obtained from various organizations in high school will allow me to be a reliable representative on the ASI Board of Directors.

College of Health and Human Development: Nicholas Brooks & Katy Johnson

Nicholas Brooks

Election Candidate

Hi my name is Nick Brooks and I am excited to be running for the College of Health and Human Development Board of Directors. I am a 2nd year Kinesiology major with a concentration in pre-allied health with aspirations of becoming a physical therapist. I have held leadership positions in various organizations that qualify me to be on the board. I am currently the president of the Kinesiology Student Association (KSA) and have served as a representative for KSA on the Inner-Club Council for the College of Health and Human Development. Being part of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity (Pike), coupled with these various leadership roles, I believe that I have succeeded in being able to communicate with fellow students and represent CSUF in a professional and effective manner.

Katy Johnson

Election Candidate

Hello!! My name is Katy J and I'm a freshman kinesiology major looking to make a difference on campus. In high school I was hyper involved serving as president all 4 years. My passion resides in student government and so when I came to CSUF I knew that I had to get involved right away.

I started off by participating in ASI Street Team where I initially learned about ASI. I had so much fun meeting other students that I decided to take it one step further by getting involved with the Greek system. As a member of Alpha Chi Omega I have fully emerged myself in becoming a stronger leader. I also wanted to expand my knowledge of advocacy and the government so I joined ASI Lobby Corps where I learned how to effectively lobby and represent different causes. In addition to my involvements I also work at the Student Recreation center (SRC) promoting a healthy fit lifestyle.

I absolutely love this school and am dedicated to making a difference during my journey through college.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences: Olivia Green & Michelle Viorato

Olivia Green

Election Candidate

Hello! My name is Olivia Green. I am a fourth year Political Science major. I was born and raised in a small town in Northern California named Fairfield. I moved to Fullerton hoping that Southern California would provide me with new and exciting opportunities. When I moved to Fullerton I did not know anyone. I wanted to meet people and I also wanted to feel like this campus was my home, so I decided to get involved. Over the course of my time here I have been an Orientation Leader, A Student Assistant, and a Resident Advisor. I am currently the University Affairs Vice Chair for Associated Students Inc. As a result of this position, I have had the opportunity to co-create and facilitate the Presidential Appointee Coalition. My involvements have given me a wealth of knowledge about the University and have also given me valuable leadership experience. More importantly, my involvements have prepared me to effectively serve the students of the college of Humanities and Social Sciences as a representative on the Board of Directors.

Michelle Viorato

Election Candidate

Michelle Viorato is currently a second year Political Science major and is also pursuing a minor in American Studies. She has continuously had an active role in ASI. Since her first semester here at California State University, Fullerton (CSUF), Michelle has served as a student leader a part of the ASI Lobby Corps committee first as a voting member and now as the committee’s Vice Chair. With that being said, Michelle rigorously serves as a student advocate voicing the concerns of all CSUF students at the legislative level as well as working collaboratively with ASI as a whole in engaging more student participation on campus. She aspires to attend law school after earning her Bachelors Degree and ultimately learning more on how to better represent and serve underrepresented individuals in the future.

College of Natural Science and Mathematics:

Neha Ansari

Election Candidate

Neha Ansari is a third year biochemistry major minoring in print journalism. Ansari currently serves on the ASI Board of Directors representing the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Through this position, she serves as a Board of Director representative on the ASI University Affairs committee, which focuses on student advocacy on campus. Ansari is also a part of the Natural Sciences and Mathematics Interclub Council and serves as the Chemistry and Biochemistry section editor for Dimensions, the college's publication for student research. Ansari worked as an Orientation Leader for New Student and Parent Programs in the summer of 2012, which led her to become more involved with her college and the university. She currently conducts research in Dr. Peter de Lijser's organic chemistry lab and is a member of the University Honors program as well as a President's Scholar. Through her experiences, Ansari has developed into a n enthusiastic, dedicated, and innovative leader--someone who gives her 110% as a student leader and focuses on the betterment of the college, the Associated Students, and the university to benefit all students of Cal State Fullerton.

Brian Vu

Election Candidate

Born in a family that took refuge from the Vietnam War; I learned the value of hard work. With hard work came the opportunity to enroll at Cal State Fullerton where I joined several clubs while becoming part of the NSM-Interclub Council. I volunteered as a tutor for students who struggled with mathematics and soon after that became a supplemental instructor to further lead students on their way into the fields of natural science and mathematics. I wanted to do more than just help NSM students so that was the reason I joined the scholarship committee to make sure other students have the opportunity to that I would not be able to reach. My goal is to not only represent the NSM students; I want to make sure NSM students will be more involved with ASI and other students outside of their field. I know some people prefer to ignore political matters, but I want to at least let them know how this will affect them.

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