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Elections 2014

Congratulations to the Spring 2014 ASI Election Winners!

About ASI Elections

Students voting during the ASI election

ASI Elections take place two weeks before spring recess each year (during the spring semester). The purpose of the elections is to elect representatives to serve on the ASI Board of Directors, as well as the student body President and Vice President. All representatives elected serve a one year term.

ASI Board of Directors
The  ASI  Board  of  Directors  consists  of  two representatives  from  each  of  the  eight academic colleges  on  campus. The Board is charged with setting policy for the Associated Students, Inc. (ASI), and approves all funding allocations to programs and services. In addition, board members also advocate on  behalf  of  the students of Cal State Fullerton within the University community.

ASI President/CEO and Executive Vice President
In addition to the student representative elections, students also vote to elect the student body President and Vice President. The elected President and Vice President serve as heads of ASI, which oversees the operation of programs like Titan Recreation, the Children's Center and Titan Student Union. In addition to these responsibilities, the ASI President and Vice President also appoint members to their Executive Team including a Vice President of Finance, Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Communications Officer, and Chief Governmental Officer.

ASI Position Descriptions

ASI Board of Directors Position Description
ASI President & CEO Position Description
ASI Executive Vice President Position Description


Alisia Kirkwood

ASI Elections Advisor

Coordinator, Student Life & Leadership



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