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The ASI Finance Committee is a subcommittee of the ASI Board of Directors. The students serving on the committee are tasked with empowering campus organizations to create events and valuable experiences for the CSUF campus community. As responsible stewards of student fees, the Finance Committee seeks to advance innovation through the allocation of funds towards events, programs, and activities that directly benefit the students. Through consistent critical thinking, honest discussion, and objectivity, the Finance Committee motivates other student leaders to reach higher and serve their fellow Titans.


Thursdays, 1:15PM-3:45PM, TSU Board Room


Glaiza Julian, Finance Committee Chair & ASI Board of Directors Vice Chair-Treasurer:
Office: TSU-207, (657) 278-3295


Why would I want to get on an ASI Finance Committee Agenda?
  • If you want to spend more than $500 on travel for one individual in a fiscal year.
  • If you want to spend $5,000 or more on a single expenditure (also known as, enter into a contract over $5,000).
  • If you want to host an event off-campus.
  • If you are requesting for an annual culture night which has been funded by ASI AICA for longer than five years, you only need Finance Committee approval.
  • If you want to request extra funding from Contingency.
  • If your request is for $2,500 or less, you only need Finance Committee approval.
  • If you want to transfer money into your travel line item (valid only after March 15, 2016).
  • Responsibilities

    The Finance Committee acts in an advisement capacity to the Board of Directors. It makes recommendations regarding Associated Students, Inc. (ASI), operating budgets and on requests from Contingency, for equipment, and funds for current operations which are allocated throughout the fiscal year. The recommendations of the Finance Committee reflect the majority opinion as to what extent a program should be funded. A majority vote by the Committee is needed for a favorable recommendation.


    To assist any individual(s) or group requesting funding, the following funding criteria and procedures have been established (with approval of the Board of Directors). The Finance Committee will use these criteria as a framework for reviewing and evaluating funding requests.

      1. The individual(s) or group requesting funds must present a reasonable case for representing California State University, Fullerton (CSUF), student’s interests and/or concerns.
      2. The amount of the request for funds must be compatible with the objectives of the program.
      3. Funding for the program must provide outcomes that are consistent with the objectives established by the Board of Directors.
      4. Funding of the program must be consistent with the legal and fiscal obligations of ASI.
      5. Funding of the program must be consistent with policies established by CSUF.
      6. CSUF clubs and organizations requesting funds must be registered with the Dean of Students Office.
    Funding/Approval Process
      1. Contact the ASI Vice President of Finance to set up a meeting to go over your agenda item. Contact, (657) 278-3295, or TSU-207.
      2. Explain what the item is about, why it needs to be on the agenda, and if it is time-sensitive, as you may also have to get BOD approval the following Tuesday.
      3.Turn in all documentation by 5pm the Friday before the Finance Committee agenda you would like to be placed on. If the VP of Finance has not met with you and received all your documentation by that Friday, you will not be placed on the following Thursday’s Finance Committee agenda. Exceptions to this rule will be considered on a case-by-case basis, such as for holiday weeks or unexpected circumstances resulting in extreme time-sensitivity.
    Documentation for Finance Committee
      1. For a Contingency Request:

      Submit a memo that summarizes the proposal. Include a breakdown of costs, listing all necessary costs and highlighting what is being requested from ASI.

      Detail any other information you feel is relevant, such as why this expenditure is necessary and how many people will benefit from the program.

      Fill out the form on the Finance Committee page of the ASI website by clicking HERE.
      2. For an Off-Campus Approval:

      Submit a memo that summarizes the proposal. Explain why the off-campus venue chosen was ideal for the event, and why an on-campus venue was not chosen.

      Fill out the form on the Finance Committee page of the ASI website by clicking HERE.

      The ASI Vice President of Finance and Board of Directors Chair will review the off-campus request and either approve or deny it. If it is denied, the ASI Finance Committee will entertain the request and will have an opportunity to ask questions of the requestor. If necessary, requestors may need to provide additional information to the committee. If approved by the Committee, the request will be forwarded to the Board of Directors for approval.

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