ASI LGBT/Queer Resource Center
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Statement of Purpose

The vision of the ASI LGBT/Queer Resource Center is to create an inclusive and affirming CSUF community for all LGBTQ students and their allies, regardless of gender identity, gender expression, or sexual identity. The Center serves the LGBTQ community through

  • provides identity support for LGBTQ students
  • provides information onto on campus, communitty, and national resources
  • advocates for respect, safety, and LGBT interests
  • provides leadership developement and advisement to queer and ally student orginizations
  • provide educational programming for all students, staff, and faculty of the University
  • create an affirming and developementally supportive space on campus


Click here to donate to the ASI LGBT/Queer Resource Center Scholarship Fund. Simply choose the “Give Online” option and select LGBT/Queer Resource Center Scholarship from the drop-down menu. THANK YOU!


Monday-Thursday: 9am-7pm, Friday: 9am-12pm

Contact Information

ASI LGBT/Queer Resource Center TSU-254
Tel (657) 278-4218
Fax (657) 278-7099