Titan Tusk Force
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Titan Tusk Force

The Mission of the Titan Tusk Force is to develop a strong sense of campus unity, pride and identity with CSUF. Titan Tusk Force strives to achieve this through sustaining an unconditional Open Door Policy and by promoting and supporting the programs and services that operate through and independently from the Associated Students, Incorporated here at California State University, Fullerton.

Come to our meetings to take part in a valuable leadership opportunity and ensure you have a great college experience by surrounding yourself with fun and exciting people! Email the Administrative Director for more info.

Titan Tusk Force Statement of Purpose

The purpose of Titan Tusk Force is to develop a strong sense of campus unity, pride, and identity with CSUF. TTF strives to achieve this through Spirit Events, tailgates, Titan Rewards Games and Homecoming Week. We value any collaborations and ideas in our welcoming, open door and open minded environment. TTF aims to provide a rewarding and memorable college experience!

TTF Supports Titan Athletics!

Attend athletic events and earn FREE Titan gear in the Titan Rewards program!


TSU 259
(657) 278-2542
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TTF Leadership
Administrative Director Lauren Vivanco
Athletics Coordinator Jordan Lopez
Events Coordinator Alexandra Beltran
Marketing and Recruitment Coordinator Ray Nikpour
Titan Tusk Force Advisor Nicole Virtucio Moya
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