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Do you want additional training and expertise in the SRC? Schedule a personal training session today. Each one-on-one or buddy appointment is conducted by a certified personal trainer. Our trainers will assist you in meeting your fitness goals and needs.

Per Session Pricing: Student $35, Member $45

5 Session Package: Student $166, Member $214

10 Session Package: Student $332, Member $427

Buddy Training (2 Person) Pricing: Student $45, Member $55
Register at the SRC Services Desk. Buddy Training packages also available.

Body Composition Test: $15

Weight Room Orientation: Free
Join our personal trainers at the SRC for a free 75 minute introductinon to the weight room equipment, resistance training equipment, and injury prevention!

  • Sessions offered once a week
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  • Fitness Assessments: Free
    Come to the SRC for a FREE Fitness Assessment today (a $15 value)! Our personal trainer will test you on the 5 components of fitness: muscular endurance, strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and body composition. Limitied time offer and are only available to the first 40 sign-ups.
  • Visit SRC Sales & Services Desk for details


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Alba Tucker

Personal Trainer Alba Tucker

Certification: B.S Kinesiology Cal State Fullerton, Certified Personal Trainer – Fullerton College, State Licensed Massage Therapist, Health Coach Certification in progress, Part-time Faculty at the Kinesiology department at Cal State Fullerton

Specialties: Older Adults, Body conditioning, Group Exercise instructor, Titan Fitness Challenge competition trainer, Functional and Strength Training, Mature Age Population Training.

Interesting Fact/Hobbies: I am a 5th Degree Black Belt in Moo Yea Do, I have learned and practiced Japanese Sword, Numchakus, Bo.

Experience: I have been a Personal Trainer long before I got my paper Certification as an intern at Fullerton College, since 2000, I graduated with a B.S in Kinesiology on 2009. I got started with the wish to help others to heal from injuries and/or to maintain a healthy life style, preventing illness instead of curing illness. Because I have a goal to make a massive health conscious ripple effect on humanity, offer positivism and encourage everyone to be aware of how exercise and healthy diet can benefit them. I continue fulfilling my career - seeing the results on my clients of any age continue taking care of their health even after our exercise sessions are over by making slow but permanent changes on their life style.

Fitness Philosophy: If we do today, what we could not do yesterday, imagine what could be done tomorrow.

Connor Riddell

Personal Trainer Connor Riddell

Certification: I am a certified Personal Fitness Trainer through NESTA. I also have a TRX Basic certification, and a CSUF Kinesiology/Strength and Conditioning major.

Specialties: Weight loss/gain, Strength and Conditioning for sport/recreation, MMA training (striking/grappling), functional strength, and high intensity interval training (HIIT).

Interesting Fact/Hobbies: I was a professional MMA fighter in Canada for 3 years despite growing up in the Bay Area, California. I have been teaching MMA in California for 5 years since moving back. I also play for CSUF Men's Rugby Club here on campus. I live a very active life style from fighting and rugby to camping and snowboarding. I love the science of strength and want to show everyone what I have learned!

Experience: I have been teaching group classes both MMA and Fitness for 5 years. I started personal training 2 years ago at a major MMA/Fitness facility where I was exposed to a range of clients from children to elderly, from weight loss to weight gain, and sports performance to injury rehab. This experience, I believe, rounded me as a trainer so I can better serve a large population in meeting their goals. I work at the SRC to be closer to my peers and help CSUF students reach and achieve their goals!

Fitness Philosophy: My philosophy to fitness and life in general is to remember you are not static you are dynamic. What you are one day you don't have to be the next, the choice is yours.

Jamie Tinnion

Personal Trainer Jamie Tinnion

Certification: B.S. Kinesiology Cal State Fullerton Emphasis in Strength and Conditioning, Certified Personal Trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine

Specialties: General Fitness, Stabilization, Strength Endurance, Hypertrophy, Maximal Strength, and Power Training.

Interesting Fact/Hobbies: Played on the Cal State Fullerton Roller Hockey Team

Experience: I got my certification in August 2014. Being a Kinesiology major at CSUF has opened my eyes to the physical and psychological benefits of staying in shape and helping others do the same. By applying what I learned in the classroom I know I can help my clients regardless of current fitness levels achieve all their goals and more!

Fitness Philosophy: My philosophy to fitness is consistency. In order to achieve your goals you have to consistently seek help from someone to keep you on track and push you through the end. Workouts, meal planning, weight loss, and body building start with being consistent.

Layla Jasco

Personal Trainer Layla Jasco

Certification: B.S. Kinesiology Cal State Fullerton, Certified Personal & Master through American Aerobic Association/ International Sports Medicine Association.

Specialties: I have extensive knowledge in exercise physiology and movement anatomy. I specialize in calisthenics, coordination, resistance training, stabilization and toning.

Interesting Fact/Hobbies: I love to go to the beach in my spare time to swim, surf and tan. I also enjoy practicing routines from Lex Twerkout after my workouts to improve flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.

Experience: I became a certified Personal/Master Trainer in October 2015 and have been practicing in the field ever since. I have worked in corporate gyms and independently with clients in their homes.

Fitness Philosophy: Teaching proper form and movement patterns is what we primarily focus on in the beginning, so that as you grow and progress to harder exercises you are fully prepared for the workload demanded of you. I fully believe you must have form before you fatigue, so you can build a solid base to work up from. I love to motivate and push my clients to their goals through encouragement and hard work!

Ryan McManus

Personal Trainer Ryan McManus

Certification: NSCA CSCS, B.S. Kinesiology, M.S. Kinesiology - Student.

Specialties: Weight loss, Hypertrophy, and Performance Enhancement.

Interesting Fact/Hobbies: Has lost over 100 pounds.

Experience: I have been personal training or strength coaching in some capacity for over two years now. You can say my story begins several years ago as a person who wanted to participate in many different activities, but felt limited by my weight (which was nearly 300 pounds). In attempting to go about losing weight, I found it difficult to differentiate the good information and strategies from the bad. I have since received a formal education in the field of kinesiology / strength and conditioning and wish to use my knowledge and personal experience to help others who find themselves in the same position I was once in.

Fitness Philosophy: To put it simply, optimization through science. I believe in using evidence-based strategies to help my clients reach their goals in the safest and most effective way possible. When working with me, my clients get the rationale behind EVERYTHING we do. It is my goal to give my clients the knowledge and strategies to set them up for success in reaching their fitness goals.

Sandy Monicayo

Personal Trainer Sandy Monicayo

Certification: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, MC Fitness Specialist, Kinesiology major

Specialties: Weight loss, weight gain, hypertrophy, injury prevention/correction, performance enhancement, and spastic diplegia.

Interesting Fact/Hobbies: I currently work and compete as a professional Polynesian dancer.

Experience: I’m a current senior kinesiology major with a concentration in clinical movement science, in the hopes of becoming a physical therapist. I am currently interning as a physical therapy aide in Placentia and I have interned in the KNES gerontology program at CSUF. These internships has allowed me to prepare for real world situations in the fields of fitness, athletic training, team conditioning, physical therapy, post rehabilitation, clinical work, and even nutrition coaching. Prior to working at CSUF, I have worked at 24 hour fitness w/ clients of all different backgrounds and taught the TC24 group training program. Throughout the years I have worked with many different types of client goals, contraindications, and many different types of situations.

Fitness Philosophy: “If you don’t have the mental capacity to be that obsessed about what you’re trying to get…. Then you ain’t never going to have it.” - CT Fletcher

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