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The Student Recreation Center features an indoor climbing wall that is suitable for all climber skill levels. The rock wall is a showcase element and is located in a highly visible space within the facility. The 1,100 square foot wall is utilized for bouldering, top rope, and lead climbing. It is 30' high and 27' wide and accommodates 8 top rope stations.

Student Recreation Center Rock Wall


All open climb participants must have passed the top rope safety belay test via the Climb I class, the KHS 114A class, or test out by appointment for $10.


During Open Climb, the Rock Wall staff will provide all the necessary supervision during your climb to the top. All equipment is provided and no prior experience is necessary. Try the Rock Wall! Free to all members and guests. One visit per person.

Spring 2017 Open Climb Hours
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


Date Event Time Price
2/16/2017 Rookies Get Cookies 5PM-9PM Free
3/9/2017 Titan Pride Night 5PM-9PM Free
3/21/2017 Slackline Night 5PM-9PM Free
4/12/2017 Springtime Selfies 5PM-9PM Free
4/25/2017 Crazy Socks Night 5PM-9PM Free
5/4/2017 Rock Wall Climbing Challenge 5:30PM-7:30PM Free
5/10/2017 Are you a Slacker? 5PM-9PM Free


Classes and workshops are available by appointment by calling (657) 278-7529. Please register a minimum of 48 hours in advance. For more information on registering for classes and workshops please visit the Recreation Services Desk on the second floor of the SRC.

Fundamentals 101

A beginning class designed to teach the new climber all the safety skills needed to pass the Rock Wall Belay test. This two-hour class includes all equipment and gives you the skills required for access to the Rock Wall during Open Climb.

Date Day Time
2/28/2017 Tuesday 4PM-6PM
3/2/2017 Thursday 5:30PM-7:30PM
3/6/2017 Monday 4PM-6PM
3/8/2017 Wednesday 5:30PM-7:30PM
3/14/2017 Tuesday 5:30PM-7:30PM
3/22/2017 Wednesday 4PM-6PM
4/4/2017 Tuesday 4PM-6PM
4/7/2017 Friday 10AM-NOON
4/10/2017 Monday 4PM-6PM
4/13/2017 Thursday 5:30PM-7:30PM
4/17/2017 Monday 5:30PM-7:30PM
4/19/2017 Wednesday 4PM-6PM
4/27/2017 Thursday 4PM-6PM
5/2/2017 Tuesday 5:30PM-7:30PM
Available by appointment: Call (657) 278-PLAY

Fundamentals 201

This class is designed for those climbers who want to improve climbing movement and route solving skills. This session will focus on how to use the entire body to its best advantage to climb with the greatest ease and style. Explore the essential techniques of balance, stance, and grip. Techniques needed to climb outdoors will also be covered, as well as training recommendations.

Date Day Time
2/24/2017 Friday NOON-1:30PM
3/17/2017 Friday 10:30AM-NOON
4/14/2017 Friday NOON-1:30PM
5/5/2017 Friday 11AM-12:30PM
Available by appointment: Call (657) 278-PLAY

Fundamentals 301

This session will cover topics dealing with members taking their climbing outdoors on real rock. We will discuss equipment needs, advanced belaying techniques, and lead climbing skills. We will discuss the local climbing areas and the logistics for planning a fun and well managed climbing trip.

Fee Structure
Class Student Member
Fundamentals 101 $25 $28
Fundamentals 201 $15 $18
Fundamentals 101 & 201 $32 $36
Fundamentals 301 Only $40 $46
Available by appointment: Call (657) 278-PLAY

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