The information below addresses many common issues regarding planning an event in the Titan Student Union. Please select the topics below for more information.


Download Amplified Sound Handout

  • Amplified sound is allowed, with prior permission, from NOON-1:00PM, Monday through Friday, in the Quad or Amphitheatre.
  • Reservations for the Quad are handled by the Student Organization Resource Center, located on the 2nd Floor of the TSU. Reservations for the TSU Amphitheatre are handled by the University Conference Center.
  • Reservations for outdoor locations other than the Quad or Amphitheatre, or for times outside M-F NOON-1PM, require a reservation through and approval from the Student Organization Resource Center.
  • The Titan Student Union has outdoor sound equipment available for rental through the University Conference Center.
  • Reservation of equipment requires Titan Student Union Staff to operate the equipment. Charge is $11/hour.
  • TSU outdoor sound equipment is available for Quad and Amphitheatre reservations only.
  • Groups who elect to use their own sound equipment are still required to have a TSU technician monitor sound levels. Charge is $11/hour.


  • Self-Catering is limited to groups of 75 or less. Groups may only self-cater with permission from the University Conference Center and OC Choice Catering.
  • Groups which self-cater are responsible for their own cleaning and will be charged accordingly if Titan Student Union personnel are required to provide cleaning of rooms and/or furnishings.
  • Groups authorized to self-cater may not use Titan Student Union food preparation facilities to prepare their own food, nor will utensils, plates, napkins or serving dishes be provided.
  • Groups may not employ the services of an off-campus caterer without the permission of the Titan Student Union.
  • Groups which self-cater must comply with all University health and safety policies, and may be required by Environmental Health and Safety to attend a food-handling class.
  • Your Event Planner will help you with your self-catering questions. The Catering Manager, Sid Patel, (657) 278-7293, will be happy to meet with you to discuss your catering needs.
  • The CSUF Auxiliary Services Corporation is the only organization authorized to engage in the sale of food and beverages with the Titan Student Union except when it waives its right to such sales.


Download Equipment Handout

  • The University Conference Center has equipment available to help make your event the best it can be.
  • Our inventory includes...LCD and Overhead projectors; sound systems for speakers or panels; microphones, wireless and wired; televisions with DVD/VHS; whiteboards; and screens.
  • Our meeting rooms and Pavilion can contain a mixture of rectangular tables; chairs; stages; dance floor; banquet tables; and more.
  • Talk to your Event Planner about the equipment available for your event and how the TSU staff can make it ready for you.
  • Though there are no charges for equipment, there may be staff charges related to room setups, and/or audio-visual setups.


Download Parking Handout

  • Parking in CSUF Parking Lots is enforced in all surface lots, structures, and loading docks 24 hours per day. Parking is free in the surface lots, structures, and 30-minute lots beginning after 5:00pm on Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday. The 15-minute loading spaces south of the TSU, the TSU loading docks, disabled parking, and Lot-R (the reserved parking just north of the TSU) are enforced AT ALL TIMES.
  • The cost for a daily permit is currently $8.00/car. Permit machines are located in Lot A; at the north entrance to the Nutwood Parking Structure; and in the State College Parking Structure on levels 2, 4 and 6.
  • Permits may be able to be purchased in advance through the CSUF Parking and Transportation office.
  • If you need to secure parking spaces as part of an event, talk to your Event Planner about the steps you may need to take. Remember to plan ahead for guest speakers, invited guests and VIPs.


Download Private Student Use Handout

  • Currently enrolled CSUF Students can take advantage of all of the services that the University Conference Center has to offer.
  • Meeting rooms, equipment and staff are available at limited charge for personal events.
  • Event planners are available in the UCC to help you with your reservations. Work one-on-one with them to accomplish your reservation needs.
  • Our full-service conference center, in addition to providing rooms, has equipment like sound systems and projectors to help make your event the best it can be.
  • If you have a personal event, like a birthday party, baby-shower, recital reception, or family reunion, that you'd like to plan in the TSU, stop by the office and talk to an event planner.


Download Signage/Decorations/Posting Handout

  • Signholders are available for placement within the TSU for directional purposes.
  • Signholders must be used in conjunction with a reserved event and are available only during the room reservation hours. Signholders cannot be used for pre-event signage.
  • Signs in signholders must be removed immediately following the event, and signholders must be returned to the main meeting room of your reservation.
  • Specific limitations apply as to the use of tape, balloons, glitter, candles, and other decorations. Consult with the University Conference Center and/or your event planner to discuss whether your decoration ideas are allowed. All decorations must be removed from the TSU at the completion of a reservation.
  • Posting of materials on designated bulletin boards in the TSU must be approved and stamped in advance at the Student Organization Resource Center.


Download Student Organizations Handout

  • Registered CSUF Student Organizations can take advantage of all of the services that the University Conference Center has to offer.
  • Meeting rooms are available for events ranging from club meetings, to guest speakers, to banquets. If you have an idea for an event, stop by the University Conference Center and we'll tell you how we can help.
  • Event planners are available in the UCC to help you with your reservations. Work one-on-one with them to accomplish your reservation needs.
  • Our full-service conference center, in addition to providing rooms, has equipment like sound systems and projectors to help make your event the best it can be.
  • Student groups can reserve space in the Titan Student Union up to 14 months in advance of your event date. Stop by and get your reservation started early.


Download Study Rooms/All Night Study Handout

  • Unused TSU Meeting Rooms are available to check out during Operating Hours by groups of 3 or more students.
  • Rooms will be available only when 3 or more students are present, and all present current valid CSUF ID. No advance reservations are possible.
  • Rooms will be checked out for up to 4 hours at a time, if available.
  • Rooms can be checked out through University Conference Center until 4:00PM. After 4:00PM, please visit the Operations Desk near Ontiveros, or ask the TSU Information Desk in the main lobby to page a manager.
  • During All-Night Study, rooms are open to the Public 6:00AM-3:00PM. No reservations are necessary. First come, first served.
  • During All-Night Study, beginning at 4:00PM, rooms are available for checkout from the night manager stationed in the Stearns room. Look for the sign in the TSU Courtyard.
  • During All-Night Study, there may be times when you will be asked to move so that the meeting rooms can be cleaned.
  • During All-Night Study, certain rooms will not be available for group checkout. Pavilion A will be open for individual study.


Download Tickets Handout

  • Groups that choose to sell tickets for their event must do so with the permission and supervision of the University Conference Center.
  • All presale and day-of-event ticket sales for event held in the Titan Student Union must be conducted by TSU staff.
  • Groups will be charged the appropriate labor fee, and for the cost of printing tickets.
  • Groups may not elect to conduct their own ticket sales or resell tickets following their purchase for the Titan Student Union.
  • All money collected from ticket sales will be deposited into a Student Group's bank account through the ASI Accounting Office.
  • Talk to your Event Planner well in advance of your event date about the appropriate steps, charges, staffing and deadlines for your ticket sales.


Download TSU Online Handout

  • Blueprinted club members of CSUF Registered Student Organizations can make reservation requests for TSU rooms online.
  • Visit asi.fullerton.edu/VirtualEMS/Login.aspx to request password and login information.
  • All online requests will be reviewed by a University Conference Center Event Planner and require the signature of the requestor and the club president before it can be confirmed.
  • The online system will allow you to browse the event calendar, request space, and view TSU room configurations.
For more information, contact the University Conference Center at (657) 278-5867 or visit room 121 in the Titan Student Union.

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