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Morgan Diaz

ASI’s Board of Directors Amplifies Student Voices

Associated Students Inc.’s (ASI) Board of Directors (BOD) helps students create change on campus through policy setting and funding allocation.


The ASI Board of Directors is composed of two student voting representatives from each of the eight academic colleges on campus, as well as various other members from across campus. The BOD is integral in ensuring that student voices are heard and supported by each college’s elected student representatives.


To run for office, a student must be enrolled as a major in any of the eight colleges on campus. Their experience as a student in this college provides them with input and perspectives from their academic peers as they represent their respective college as a BOD member.


Fourth year Illustration major Morgan Diaz joined the BOD after seeing the positive impact ASI student government can have on campus.


“I just want to make the student experience here a little better in any way I can and make sure student voices are heard,” Diaz said.


Diaz started off her campus involvement as an event coordinator and eventually as Chair of the Arts Inter-Club Council (ICC) in 2019. As the Arts ICC Chair, she worked closely with the Board of Directors and was inspired by their dedication to helping students.


Those interactions led her to filling a vacancy as BOD secretary. After two semesters as secretary, she was elected last Spring as the BOD Vice Chair.


As a student government leader her average day is filled with three to six hours worth of art classes along with various meetings. Every other Tuesdays and Thursday she has governance meetings where resolutions are passed.


Resolutions are drafted by a subcommittee, followed by input from the BOD. A major resolution that has recently been passed is the approval for the Wellness Program at the Student Recreation Center, and there will be more to come.


The BOD meetings are open to the public and can be attended in person in the Titan Student Union Board Room or via Zoom. The Board of Directors meeting schedule for the fall semester, as well as agendas, minutes, and passed resolutions can be found on the Student Government page of the ASI website.


Although the duties and responsibilities of being a member of the BOD add to her overall workload and to an already busy student life, Diaz appreciates these responsibilities because they allow her to advocate for students.


Diaz stated that one of her proudest accomplishments on the BOD was having the opportunity to help campus residents with concerns about the limited amount of parking near housing.


She invited a Campus Housing representative and dorm residents to a BOD meeting to share these concerns.


After talking with Housing and Parking & Services, they started the discussion to potentially provide more parking near the Eastside parking structure for campus residents.


While the solution is still ongoing, Diaz is happy she started the process to ensure students are heard, even if it means that she might not directly see it during her tenure on the BOD.


“We were elected by students, so we need to always advocate for what is best for them,” Diaz said.


If you are interested in representing your college as a member of the ASI Board of Directors, there are currently vacant positions. To apply, please visit


Representatives are elected each fall as part of the ASI elections. To learn more about the elections process and how you can get involved in Student Government, visit the ASI Elections page.


For more information on how the BOD can advocate for students, please contact Vice Chair Morgan Diaz at