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Student Fees Explained

Each semester the Associated Student Body (ASI) and Campus Union (TSU) fees go towards funding a variety of student focused services and programs and multiple essential areas related to ASI staffing and facility management.


Download the Student Fees Explained PDF.

Circular pie chart breaking down Associated Student Body Fees

Student Services & Scholarships

Between the ASI and TSU fees, close to $1,500,000 is put towards student focused efforts and offerings. This includes our student government functions, Leader and Program Development, student leader awards, ASI scholarships, and Titan Athletics’ student athlete scholarships.

Student Programs & Events and Funded Organizations

ASI organizes and hosts multiple major student focused events throughout the year and provides funding to student clubs and organizations annually. This funding assists students with the ability to attend events/conferences, build relationships, and work towards achieving their goals. Each semester, roughly $900,000 is allotted to these areas.

Facility Use, Debt Payments, and Maintenance

Each semester it takes approximately $3,500,000 to fund essential areas related to our ASI facilities. This funding provides for the continued payment of debt services, building maintenance and custodial services.

Staffing and Administrative Functions

ASI relies on its professional staff and student employees to provide services to students and other members of the campus community. Both the ASI and TSU fees provide nearly $4,000,000 in funding to ensure that our staff and essential administrative areas are able to continue working to meet the needs of our constituents.

The Impact of COVID-19

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has presented an opportunity for ASI to re-evaluate and refine our current practices. ASI continues to evaluate and identify where we, as an organization, can pivot and innovate as we work our way through a virtual academic year.

Pie chart indicating financial impact of COVID

Despite working remotely, we have adapted and continued to offer many of our services and programs including:

  • Student Government operations

  • Financial Services functions to student clubs and organizations

  • Student Scholarships program

  • Titan Recreation

  • Children’s Center

  • ASI Corporate Operations (Accounting, Human Resources, etc.)

Additionally, ASI has changed the way many of our programs and services are offered to better fit with the requirements of a socially distanced school year. These changes include:

  • Completely virtual program offerings like All Day ASI, streaming concert and speaker series, and weekly Street Team meetings via Zoom.

  • Each of our student government meetings are held via Zoom and are open to the public.

  • Our Food Pantry is operating on a weekly basis and has transitioned to a drive-up pantry with online reservations for the pickup of prepackaged items.

  • Titan Recreation is providing virtual fitness classes taught by many of its fitness instructors on YouTube and has created new fitness opportunities such as the Titan Recreation Virtual Race Series and the Titan Outdoors Hiking Club.

  • The Children’s Center has implemented weekly classroom meeting sessions with children and families via Zoom and provides learning resources for families each week via the virtual resources section on the Children’s Center webpage. The Center also reopened its doors mid-fall for a pilot childcare program hosting subsidized preschool age children while following strict COVID-19 guidelines.

  • ASI has also created multiple internal working groups composed of ASI professional staff members from across the organization. This includes, but is not limited to working groups focused on anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion, virtual programming, and return to operations planning.