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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

ASI supports social justice initiatives and education for the CSUF student body, campus, and surrounding communities.

About ASI Anti-Racism and DEI Initiatives

ASI stands with those who are marginalized to promote a society in which all voices are heard and to nurture a respectful environment in which all persons can grow, succeed, and thrive.


ASI believes that when diversity, equity, and inclusion are put into practice, the entire organization benefits by allowing all individuals to live, work, and learn as their most authentic selves. This commitment also includes providing fair and inclusive access to all of our ASI facilities, services, and programs.


Opportunities for education and engagement provide space for continuous transformation and growth as an organization.


Racism is an ongoing pervasive problem in American society. Within institutions such as higher education, historically racist practices have systematically ensured that racial minorities cannot always access the same opportunities and privileges as white people to succeed.


ASI recognizes that as a community of both educators and learners, we are in a unique position to address racism in its many forms. ASI has the opportunity and obligation to further dispense of racism through education and training, and by supporting civic engagement amongst our students, staff and campus partners.


ASI commits to identifying and naming racism when we see it, continuing to educate ourselves and our partners on the importance of being actively anti-racist, and working to dismantle racist systems, policies, and procedures.

Amplified – CSUF’s Common Listen Program

The CSUF Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Programs is excited to announce Amplified: CSUF’s Common Listen Program! Amplified is a proactive dialogue series that harnesses the power of community through podcasts.


By educating the campus community on equity and social justice issues through open dialogue, amplified aims to provide the space for participants to develop essential skills for engaging in conversations across differences and foster critical connections between personal identity and social justice.


Each month, a highlighted podcast will be chosen for the campus community to listen and come together for dialogue. Join Amplified dialogues to explore, learn, and contribute to a more equitable and inclusive campus environment!


Your voice matters – amplify it with us


Amplified: CSUF’s Common Listen Program

Spring 2024 Podcasts and Dialogue Events



Contact if you have any questions

Training and Engagement Calendar

DEI Calendar

DEI Calendar
DEI Calendar
Event NameDateTimeLocationLinkadditional info
ICCP Core: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 101April 8th12-1pmCP-730Click the Event Link Here
Emotional Intelligence in Cross Cultural InteractionsApril 10th 10-11amClick the Event Link Here
ICCP Core: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 101April 10th11am-noonClick the Event Link Here
ASI Staff Book Club: Taking on the Plastics CrisisApril 10th1:30-2:30 pmGilman AB
EAP Session: Communicating Cooperatively at WorkApril 10thNoon-1pmClick the Event Link Here
Boost: What it Takes to Be Racially LiterateApril 11th12-1pmSGMH 3210Click the Event Link HereRegistration closes April 9th
Expressions: Autism Awareness MonthApril 17th10-2pmPub
Irshad Manji keynote - Diversity Without Division: How to Unify People Even When We Disagree BiglyApril 22nd11:30-1pmO'Brien room (SGMH 3230)Click the Event Link Here
ICCP Elective: Gender and Pronoun UseApril 23rd10-11amClick the Event Link Here
ICCP Elective: Gender and Pronoun UseApril 23rd1-2pmClick the Event Link Here
ICCP Core: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 200: IntersectionalityApril 24th10-11:30amClick the Event Link Here
Amplified Common Listen Program - How Do We Remain Bridgebuilders During Times of War?April 24th1-2:30pmO'Brien room (SGMH 3230)Click the Event Link HereListen to April's selected podcast: How Do We Remain Bridgebuilders During Times of War? before the dialogue event!
ASI Staff Book Club: Taking on the Plastics CrisisMay 1st1:30-2:30 pmGilman AB
Expressions: Mental Health Awareness MonthMay 7th10-2pmPub
Allyship 101CanvasClick the Event Link Here
Allyship 101ETCClick the Event Link Here
Titans Together: Introduction to Racial Equity Module (IREM)ETCClick the Event Link Here
Titans Together: Introduction to Racial Equity Module (IREM)CanvasClick the Event Link Here
Conducting Equitable and Inclusive Searches (CEIS)CanvasClick the Event Link Here
Conducting Equitable and Inclusive Searches (CEIS)ETCClick the Event Link Here

Combatting Discrimination

ASI Engagement and Learning Programs:

  • Association for InterCultural Awareness: The Association for Inter-Cultural Awareness (AICA) is the part of Programming that plans events to highlight, celebrate, and educate students about culture and diversity. Through performances, showcases, festivals, and experiences that bring out a variety of culture based student organizations and campus departments, AICA gives students and the campus community the chance to come together to learn, grow, and appreciate one another. AICA also serves as a funding source for events hosted by culture-based student organizations on campus.
  • Adaptive Recreation: Titan Recreation is proud to offer programs and training services for all abilities. We aim to create an inclusive, welcoming, accommodating, and accessible environment to give all participants the opportunity to develop as athletes. Click here for more information on adaptive recreation. 
  • ASI Food Pantry: Addressing food insecurity among college students has been a CSU system-wide effort for a number of years. The Pantry is a new and permanent program to the CSUF campus that serves to distribute foods and support students facing food insecurity. The Pantry’s inventory rotates between various food items; typically offering a variety of non-perishable foods, canned goods, and fresh produce. Click here for more information on The Pantry.
  • Beyond the Conversation:

    ASI, in collaboration with the Divisions of Student Affairs, has joined forces to create a special series of events, headlined by guest speakers, focused on social justice and diversity with multiple perspectives, serving multiple communities. Throughout the year ASI also produces many smaller programs to supplement the speakers and their topics to better serve the diverse communities of CSUF.
    Next Guest Speaker:  Diane Guerrero, March 21, 2024
    Previous Guest Speakers: Issa Rae  |  Ke Huy Quan  |  Hunter Schafer
    For all videos, please see TitanTV’s YouTube Channel

  • Camp Titan is a summer camp program operated by the Associated Students, Inc. of Cal State Fullerton. The camp is a one weeklong residential program provided at no cost to children from disadvantaged and/or low income backgrounds from the Orange County and surrounding area. Click here for more information on Camp Titan.
  • Social Justice Week: Social Justice Week (SJW) is an educational week-long event where students, faculty, and staff showcase their work on restorative and social justice through workshops, training, candid conversations, and more. Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Programs (DIEP) is excited to partner with Associated Students Inc. (ASI) to bring this important program to the campus. Click here for more information on Social Justice Week.

DIRC Engagement and Learning Programs:

Ally Trainings

  • LGBTQ Ally Training: The mission of Cal State Fullerton’s LGBTQ+ Ally Training program, hosted by the Losquadro Keller LGBTQ Resource Center, is to educate university staff and faculty about sexual/romantic orientation and gender identity.
  • UndocuAlly Training: The mission of Cal State Fullerton’s UndocuAlly Training program is to educate students, staff, and faculty about the immigrant experience and how to support undocumented students on campus.
  • Click here for more ally training information


Safe Space Training


Cultural Recognition Celebrations:

DIEP Engagement and Learning Programs:
  • Inclusion Champion Certificate Program: The Inclusion Champion Certificate is a program designed to help all members of CSUF engage in the inclusion and equity-minded efforts on campus through courses that provide opportunities for self-reflection, increase of cultural competency and awareness, and application to social, professional, and personal roles.
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Leadership Academy (DILA): DILA provides an immersive experience through the integration of competency-building seminars, applied learning, and critical dialogue.
  • Leadership Excellence and Development (LEAD): The Leadership Excellence and Development (LEAD) program is a transformative and comprehensive leadership development initiative designed to empower and nurture the potential of managers at Cal State Fullerton. The program aims to equip Titan managers with the essential skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to excel in leadership roles and make a positive impact in their workplaces.

HRDI Faculty Staff Associations:

  • Semesterly Title IX Training
  • Special Populations: Student-Athletes, Fraternities and Sororities, and Student Organizations
  • Title IX Student Ambassador Program: The Title IX Student Ambassador program is a leadership development opportunity for currently enrolled students to learn more about campus resources related to Title IX and gender equity issues on campus. Email for more information.
CSUF Campus Climate Survey:

DEI Observances Calendar

DEI Observances Calendar

DEI Observances Calendar
International Women's DayMarch 8International Women’s Day began in the early 1900s as a way to honor the achievements of women. The first National Women’s Day was celebrated by the Socialist Party in America. Now, it is an important day for the women’s rights movement which highlights gender equality, equal pay, violence against women, reproductive rights, and more.
Ramadan BeginsMarch 10Ramadan is a celebratory time for Muslims the 9th month of the Islamic calendar and is observed by fasting from sunup to sundown. Ramadan is recognized as the month that the Quran was revealed to the prophet Mohammad. It is celebrated by Muslims through fasting, worshiping, praying, and studying the Quran. Fasting is an important part of the Muslim faith as it is one of the pillars of Islam.
Equal Pay DayMarch 14Equal Pay Day is a significant day that draws attention to the gender pay gap. In the United States, it symbolizes how far into the year the average median woman must work (in addition to their earnings last year) to earn what the average median man had earned the entire previous year
Internatinoal Day to Combat IslamaphobiaMarch 15The U.N. General Assembly established the International Day to Combat Islamophobia in a resolution passed by a unanimous majority in 2022, designating March 15 as the day of the holiday’s celebration. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation was represented by Pakistan in the resolution’s introduction. It is in remembrance of the day in 2019 in Christchurch, New Zealand, when a shooter opened fire inside two mosques, killing 51 people and wounding another 40. The resolution was formally introduced by Pakistan’s U.N. representative, Munir Akram. He said that this resolution acknowledges the widespread rise in intolerance, prejudice, and violence against members of numerous religious and other communities, regardless of who is doing it.
World Down's Syndrome DayMarch 21World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated every March 21st because Down Syndrome is a naturally occurring chromosomal pattern in which there are 3 copies of the 21st chromosome. This has been recognized since the UN declaration in 2012. World Down Syndrome Day is intended to educate all people about the lives of individuals with Down Syndrome, and to empower individuals with Down Syndrome to live full lives and actively participate in their communities.
International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade March 25The United Nations dedicated March 25 as the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade in honor of the 17 million people who were removed from their homes as a part of the Transatlantic Slave trade. It is not a public holiday yet. It was created with the hopes of raising awareness of the importance of human rights and the damaging effects of racism, segregation, racial violence, and prejudice.
Cesar Chavez Day March 31Cesar Chavez Day is a U.S. federal commemorative holiday, proclaimed by President Barack Obama in 2014. The holiday celebrates the birth and legacy of the civil rights and labor movement activist Cesar Chavez on March 31 every year.
International Transgender Day of VisibilityMarch 31International Transgender Day of Visibility was started in 2009 as a recognition of the transgender community and their resilience. On this day, the lives and successes of the transgender community are celebrated. To celebrate International Transgender Day of Visibility consider learning more about what it means for an individual to be transgender, the differences between gender identity and gender expression, and transgender history and the role it has played in civil rights activism.
World Autism Awareness DayApril 2World Autism Awareness Day was adopted by the United Nations in 2007. This is a day designed to bring awareness to those who are born with Autism. In 2013, the American Psychiatric Association developed a category called Autism Spectrum which includes several types of Autism.
Eid-al-Fitr/End of Ramadan (Muslim)April 9Eid al-Fitr is the Festival of Breaking Fast for Muslims at the end of Ramadan. This date is different each year as it is based on the Islamic calendar. This is a three day celebration that includes special prayers, eating specific foods, and spending time with family.
National Day of Silence (LGBTQ+)April 12The National Day of Silence started in 1996 as a way to bring awareness to what the LGBTQIA+ community faces on a daily basis. It was originally started to bring awareness to bullying and other issues within schools and has since expanded into greater institutions such as higher education, health care, employment, and sports teams. It is celebrated by individuals taking a vow of silence for the entire day.
Start of Ridvan (Baha’i)April 21The Festival of Rivdan is a 14 day festival in the Baha’i faith that celebrates the day that Baha’u’llah declared that he was the manifestation of God and then entered the Garden of Rivdan outside Baghdad in April 1863. This is a joyous celebration for the Baha’i people.
Passover April 22 - 30Passover is the Jewish holiday that celebrates their liberation from slavery from the Egyptians. Passover is celebrated with a Seder on the first night, followed by 7 more days of fasting from specific foods. During this week, Jewish people will not consume any bread or grains or any food that is not kosher.
Earth DayApril 22Earth Day started in 1970 as a day to bring awareness to environmental issues that Earth faces. This is an important day for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion because minorities and underrepresented groups often face the harshest consequences for the changes that Earth is undergoing. Minorities largely live in inner cities that are negatively affected by pollution and overcrowding. Globally, underdeveloped countries face environmental changes that danger their food supply including droughts, floods, fires, extreme weather, earthquakes, and more.
World Day for Safety and Health at WorkApril 28Every 28 April, the International Labour Organization (ILO) commemorates the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, focusing on a timely theme related to occupational safety and health. This year, the theme will center around exploring the impacts of climate change on occupational safety and health.

Important Definitions

Diversity – differences of individuals within a group that can encompass gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, nationality, (dis)ability, language, religion, age, or political affiliation


Equity – the process of making sure each person has a fair chance by recognizing each person might have a different starting point


Inclusion – the practice of making sure everyone feels welcome regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, religion, socioeconomic status, political affiliation, language, nationality, or (dis)ability


Anti-Racism – actively working to combat racism through first recognizing that systemic racism does happen and is part of everyday life, and then through this understanding, working to actively counter that by promoting racial justice and equality within the workplace


Bias – a natural psychological process that results in unwarranted opinions or hostile feelings about a social group that is perceived as different from one’s own. Although this is a natural psychological process that comes as a result of socialization in a biased world, recognizing it and countering it are pivotal to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work


Social Justice – the practice of advocating for equal opportunities and the fair distribution of resources for all people within a society, especially those who have been historically marginalized, and those that continue to be systemically marginalized today


Prejudice – like Bias, this is also a natural psychological process that results in negative attitudes, feelings, or options of other social group that are not based in fact


To further assist you in your diversity, equity, and inclusion journey at CSUF and in the community, we have compiled a list of resources. Below you will find links to our resource centers on campus, land recognitions, national hotlines, and various centers throughout Orange County that provide services to the community.


Resource Centers on campus


This is Tongva Land


National Hotlines

  • National Domestic Violence Hotline – (800) 799-SAFE
  • National Sexual Assault Hotline – (800) 656-4673
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline Spanish – (800) 942-6908
  • Trevor Project Hotline (Suicide) – (866) 4U-TREVOR
  • Suicide Hotline – (800) 784-2433
  • National Human Trafficking Hotline (888) 373-7888 or text 233733


Local Resource Centers