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Associated Students, CSUF, Inc. | Programming
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About Programming

Going to college is all about getting your education, but along the way there are a lot of great things to experience. ASI’s Programming team puts on a wide array of different events and activities on campus each year for students to experience that help keep campus feeling fun and alive. Programming is composed of four parts that work together to provide this variety of experiences and opportunities. We encourage you to come out to events, participate in activities, and get involved!


We are currently accepting applications for the Programming Director and multiple Programming Coordinators.

Association for InterCultural Awareness

The Association for Inter-Cultural Awareness (AICA) is the part of Programming that plans events to highlight, celebrate, and educate students about culture and diversity. Through performances, showcases, festivals, and experiences that bring out a variety of culture based student organizations and campus departments, AICA gives students and the campus community the chance to come together to learn, grow, and appreciate one another. AICA also serves as a funding source for events hosted by culture based student organizations on campus.


Productions is the entertainment part of Programming and hosts many weekly, biweekly, and special events on campus that give students something fun to look forward to, a chance to relieve some of the stress that comes along with being in school, or just something to do while taking a break between classes. Productions events range from things like karaoke and open mic to film screenings and concerts and also include special events around midterms and finals and even the biggest event of the year, Spring Concert.

Street Team

Street Team is the volunteer program of Programming and supports all of our events and activities while also giving students a place to get involved with ASI. Students interested in getting involved, helping plan and run events, learning about leadership opportunities and leadership skills, or just making new friends are encouraged to join. Street Team meetings happen each week.

Titan Tusk Force

Titan Tusk Force (TTF) is the school spirit part of Programming. TTF strives to develop a strong sense of school spirit and campus unity by planning events and activities the highlight CSUF Athletics and bring students together to have fun. These kinds of events often include, tailgates and barbecues before athletic events, food giveaways, and Homecoming activities.


Events Held Last Semester


Programming Student Leaders


Attendees at the 2017 Spring Concert


Participants in Fall 2017

Meet the Programming Team

All of the events and activities of Programming are planned and put on by students just like you. These students apply and are selected for these yearlong positions in the middle of the spring semester for the following school year. Students in these positions go through trainings starting in the summer and learn the ins and outs of planning events and activities.

Tuffy Placeholder
Karen Perez
Street Team Director
Tuffy Placeholder
Rick Piñon Delgado
AICA Vice Chair
Tuffy Placeholder
Ben Rojas
Union & Special Programming
Tuffy Placeholder
Henry Sampson Paiz
AICA, Student-at-Large
Tuffy Placeholder
Kelly Ruiz
AICA, Student-at-Large
Tuffy Placeholder
Haeley Belt
Titan Tusk Force, Events
Tuffy Placeholder
Karen Tran
AICA, Student-at-Large
Tuffy Placeholder
Kelly Zarate
Productions Director
Tuffy Placeholder
Lizzy Rizzotto
Productions, Films
Tuffy Placeholder
Helen Chavez
AICA, Diversity
Tuffy Placeholder
Valeria Reyes
Pub Thursday
Tuffy Placeholder
Jennifer Mendoza
Titan Tusk Force Director
Tuffy Placeholder
Zoe Papadopoulos
Street Team Programming Coordinator
Tuffy Placeholder
Marco Vargas
Tuffy Placeholder
Emma Gibson
Titan Tusk Force, Athletics
Tuffy Placeholder
Gabriel Ponce
Pub Monday/Tuesday
Tuffy Placeholder
Elizabeth Jimenez Perez
AICA Director
Tuffy Placeholder
Dana Haxby
AICA, Events
Tuffy Placeholder
Mel Medaris
Titan Tusk Force, Recruitment/Marketing
Tuffy Placeholder
Lauren Olguin
Fall/Spring Concert
Tuffy Placeholder
Nick Smith
Union & Special Programming

Upcoming Events

Want to know what’s coming up? Check out the lists of upcoming events below!


Film Screenings

Karaoke & Open Mic


All Night Study

Special Events


Contact Programming

Have questions or looking for more information? Feel free to give us a call, send us an email.

800 N. State College Blvd., Fullerton, CA 92831

(657) 278-7736