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ASI’s Student Leaders for 2022-2023 Sworn In

The newly elected and appointed ASI student leaders for the 2022-2023 academic year were sworn into office on June 1st. CSUF President Framroze Virjee and CSUF Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Tonatzin Oseguera, facilitated the installation and welcomed our new student leaders into their positions during a ceremony in the Titan Student Union.


This year, ASI’s Student Government will be led by ASI President Lydia Kelley, ASI Vice President Christapor Mikaelian, and ASI Board of Directors Chair Isabella Galvan.


Kelley and Mikaelian’s executive team includes: Chief Communications Officer Mayra Martinez, Chief Governmental Officer Mary Chammas, and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Maysem Adawalla. The Chief Campus Relations Officer position is currently vacant.


The Board of Directors for each college are as follows:


College of the Arts
Ramon Aquino (BOD Secretary)
Morgan Diaz (BOD Vice Chair)


College of Business and Economics:
Michael Butorac
Cooper Fox


College of Communications
Victoria Santana


College of Education
Jenna Maree Wong (BOD Treasurer)


College of Engineering and Computer Science
Braulio Martin
Aaron Lieberman


College of Health and Human Development
Isabella Galvan (BOD Chair)
Berenice Vences


College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Alisa Toh-Heng
Jackson Austin


College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Sophie Windover


To learn more and get a visual introduction to the entire ASI Student Government, please visit


WATCH: Video Recap of the 2022-23 Student Leader Installation