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The SRC Offers F45 to Help Titans Achieve Their Fitness Goals

If you’re looking for a rewarding fitness experience that you can fit in between your classes, then check out the high-intensity F45 class offerings in ASI’s Student Recreation Center (SRC), located adjacent to the Titan Student Union here on campus.


F45 is a global circuit-based workout class, set in a high-energy, team environment in a specially designed studio on the second floor of the SRC.


Each session is designed to keep you motivated, engaged, and always reaching for that next level – whatever that level is for you. F45 will challenge you and provide variety to your workout routine. Certain sessions are interval-based workouts focused on your cardiorespiratory endurance, while others are more focused on strength training.


“F45 has been one of the fastest growing fitness trends on the planet the last few years, and it has been no different here at Cal State Fullerton. It has been the most popular individual class in our building since we welcomed it to ASI’s fitness line-up in 2019,” said Student Recreation Center Director Aaron Tapper.


The F stands for “functional.” The 45 indicates the length in minutes of each workout. The idea with the structured, high-intensity workout is not to build lots of muscle mass, but rather improve one’s overall strength in a sustainable way.


The group aspect of the workout is a huge feature of our F45 workout sessions that will keep you coming back for more. F45 encourages group and social dynamics that will have you looking forward to coming to the Student Recreation Center to work out.


Cal State Fullerton graduate Sydney Fajardo said, “My favorite part of going to F45 was seeing the same people every day as we got our HIIT workout in between our classes and work schedules. It was like we were all on the same team!”


Tapper added, “We love seeing Titan students and staff build relationships, achieve their personal fitness goals, and undoubtedly some pressures from their personal and academic lives each and every day.”


Other universities and local workout facilities offer F45 at a costly per-session or per-month fee, but ASI’s Titan Recreation department is excited to offer this to Cal State Fullerton students and staff members at a per semester rate with unlimited access to our F45 studio! Students can take part in F45 classes for just $15 per semester. Faculty and staff members pay just $25!


As an introductory offer, Titan Recreation is opening unlimited F45 classes up to all Student Recreation Center members (students, faculty, and staff) for free between August 15 and September 4, 2022. These free classes will focus on those new to F45 and will ramp up in intensity as the semester continues.


The easiest way to register for F45, is by downloading the Titan Recreation app on the App Store or Google Play. You will need to be an active SRC member before you can sign up. As a part of tuition fees, students have access to the SRC at no additional cost. All you need to do is activate your membership, which can also be done through the Titan Recreation app on your mobile device.


If you have any trouble, or just need a little guidance, there are always front desk attendants ready to help guide you through all the processes and tell you about all the products and services the Student Recreation Center has to offer.


ASI and Titan Recreation hopes to see you drop by and start or continue your personal fitness goals with F45 in 2022 and beyond.