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Titan Outdoors

Titan Outdoors Builds Community Through Exploration and Adventure

Students searching for adventure can look no further than ASI’s Titan Outdoors program where they can join a unique community focused on visiting incredible locations.


Started three years ago by the ASI Climbing Wall & Outdoor Adventure Coordinator Michael Brown, Titan Outdoors has offered a wide variety of activities to students. Outdoor activities range from paddling, hiking, and climbing throughout California to traveling to four different states and national parks.


While there is a perception of outdoor activities requiring an extremely high skill level, Titan Outdoors has dedicated itself to easing those concerns.


“We hope to eliminate as many barriers as we possibly can and develop an accessible way for students to enjoy the outdoors,” Brown stated.


No experience is required when registering because the difficulty level of trips is rated by the physical intensity of the location and not based on individual skill level.


Every trip includes transportation, equipment, paid recreation fees, and certified trip leaders.


The certified trip leaders are a huge aspect of the program. Not only do they ensure the safety of participants, but they also play a significant role in developing the friendly, welcoming culture around Titan Outdoors.


Business marketing major and certified trip leader Tess Young has had the opportunity to see how the program has helped encourage students go rock-climbing, paddling, or camping for their first time.


“We get a lot of new participants that want to see what it’s about, so it’s really cool to teach them these things and everyone ends up enjoying it,” said Young.


After learning about the program through CSUF’s Discoverfest, third-year computer science major Jake Harvanchik went on his first camping trip with Titan Outdoors to the Grand Canyon during Spring Break 2022.


Since then, he has gone on five more trips with the group. From kayaking through the Colorado River to racing down empty roads though the mountains in Utah National Park on an electronic bike, these phenomenal experiences would not have been as impactful without the people Titan Outdoors brings together.


“I went into a five-day camping trip not knowing anyone and come out of it with seventeen new best friends,” said Harvanchik.


In addition to experiencing incredible places across the state and beyond, students also learn how to preserve these spaces for those who visit after them. Leave No Trace, an initiative aimed at minimizing the impact left on the environment, is another major aspect of the program. All trip leaders are certified in Leave No Trace’s seven principles and focus on the ones relevant to the location.


As the semester continues, Titan Outdoors has plenty of exciting new adventures planned for students with four main highlights in their programming this Fall.


For the first time, the Alabama Hills camping and climbing trip was offered from September 30 to October 2.


A Ladies Only Sespe Wilderness backpacking trip, which pushes back against the traditional demographic stereotypes often seen in outdoor sports, will occur from October 28-30.


Since its inception, students have been eagerly awaiting a trip to Yosemite National Park. Now that wait is over with a five-day camping exploration at Yosemite from November 18-22.


Winter conditions in the past have negatively impacted scheduling trips toward the end of the year but this semester Titan Outdoors has acquired all the equipment needed for colder weather. From December 2-4 students can find themselves winter camping and hiking through the Sierra Nevada Mountains.


Brown hopes the program can provide students with an experience without modern day pressures.


“Our goal is for those who attend our trips is for them to develop a deep appreciation for living in the moment, removed from the constraints we sometimes place on ourselves,” Brown said.


Apart from all the amazing destinations students can travel to this semester, another resource Titan Outdoors offers is budget-friendly gear rental. Items such as sleeping bags, tents, lanterns, hiking boots and much more are all available to rent. Students can even rent gear for their own personal trips they may be taking.


For more information about the Titan Outdoors program please contact Michael Brown at


To register for any trips with Titan Outdoors please visit