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TSU Galleries Provide Opportunities for Artists

One of the most unique spaces inside the Titan Student Union (TSU) is the center gallery which recently exhibited the Fall 2022 Student Art Show.


Walking into the gallery, one could find an array of beautiful artwork across all mediums and subject matter displayed behind glass and polished wood frames.


“I hope it’s encouraging, inspiring, or even just fun to look at,” said Art Gallery Assistant Jordan Piquette.


The art show happens each semester, encouraging artists throughout campus to submit their work for display.


56 pieces of artwork were submitted, not only from art majors but also from engineering, political science, and business majors.


Monetary prizes were awarded to the top three works of art selected by ASI’s Board of Directors. The first prize winner received $250; the second prize winner received $150; and the third prize winner received $100.


An opening reception was held for the art show on November 7.


“It’s a way for people to connect,” said Piquette, “and in a greater way to closer knit the art community and those who are not part of it.”


The Student Art Show during the Spring semester differs from its counterpart in the Fall by providing a theme for students to tailor their submissions. Last Spring the art show centered around diversity in culture and background.


Apart from the art shows held in the center gallery, the TSU holds single artist showcases in their Call for Artists exhibitions. Or artists are occasionally paired together in an exhibition if they do not have enough artwork to fill an entire gallery.


While the Art Department has been under construction this past semester, the TSU galleries have been an alternative space for art majors to showcase their work.


The Call for Artists happen throughout the semester with each artist receiving a month-long exhibition.


Whether for the Student Art Show or the Call for Artists, all submissions are free.


The top three prizes for the Fall 2022 Student Art Show were:


1st – Carmen Guerra (The Grace of Flora)

2nd – Ayanna Cuevas (In transparent veils of thoughts she is magnified.)

3rd – Kimberly Aranda (Fish Out of Water)


The Fall 2022 Student Art Show can be viewed online here.


For more information about the TSU galleries, please contact Jordan Piquette at