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Titan Youth Summer Camp Returns

The Titan Youth Summer Camp has returned to the Student Recreation Center (SRC) for the first time since 2019. The SRC has seen an increase in sign-ups in the past year with 1,200 children aged 4-12 years old joining the 9-week program. The camp provides youth-based indoor/outdoor recreational and sporting activities alongside team building and leadership activities. Camp runs through August 5th and registration for Summer 2022 is currently open. Learn more about Titan Youth Summer Camp and register now!


Learn to Swim has also returned to the SRC after being on hiatus since 2019. The widely popular swimming lesson program for kids aged 6months to 12 years old takes place in the newly refurbished Athletics/Kinesiology Department Swimming Complex. The program consists of Parent and Me, Tiny Tot, and an escalating 5 level experience for children in the surrounding Orange County area. In the past, Learn to Swim has had 700 kids participate in the 30-minute lessons here on campus. Learn to Swim continues through August 12th and registration is currently open!


Student Recreation Center Director Aaron Tapper expressed his thoughts regarding the return of these two SRC programs.


“We are thrilled that we were able to bring back Titan Youth Summer Camp and Learn to Swim this summer,” said Tapper. “Seeing the smiles and hearing the giggles of the campers reminds us all of how much we’ve missed being able to offer these programs and the energy that the children bring to the SRC in the summer.”