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Associated Students, CSUF, Inc. | Services
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The ASI Accounting office provides fiscal management and oversight of ASI’s financial records as well as providing assistance to numerous ASI funded student organizations.

For more information call (657) 278-2404.

Camp Titan

Camp Titan is a summer camp program operated by the Associated Students, Inc. of Cal State Fullerton. The camp is a one week long residential program provided at no cost to children from disadvantaged and/or low income backgrounds from the Orange County and surrounding area. Camp Titan is staffed by Cal State Fullerton students that volunteer their time to complete training and serve as counselors for the week of camp. The program is also staffed and overseen by professional staff administrators from the Associated Students, Inc. at Cal State Fullerton.


Watch our video to see what Camp Titan is all about!

Camper Application & Family Letter

Ready to join us at Camp Titan as a camper?!


Complete the 2018 Camper Application.


Parents and Guardians, do you want to know more about Camp Titan and the Camper Application? Read our family letter below.


Read the 2018 Camp Titan Family Letter.

College Legal Clinic

Associated Students, CSUF, Inc has contracted with the College Legal Clinic, Inc to provide legal referrals, guidance, and consultation services to students currently enrolled at CSUF. The College Legal Clinic, Inc (CLC) is a consultation and referral service made up of a panel of pre-screened attorneys specializing in various areas of law such as: family, juvenile, guardianship, criminal, civil appellate, civil litigation, insurance, personal injury, labor, medical, probate, real estate, business, collections, bankruptcy, landlord/tenant, immigration, social security and employment.

The College Legal Clinic is open 9AM-5PM, Monday through Thursday, and 9AM-1PM on Friday for both fall and spring semester only. The clinic is closed on all University holiday.


Students can receive the names of several attorneys who are members of the College Legal Clinic, Inc panel by contacting (657) 278-5850 or Interns will carefully match students to attorneys with the appropriate legal areas of practice. All referrals are free to ALL and limitless as needed. It is up to the students to contact these attorneys on their own and make independent arrangements to meet with the attorney.

Consultations Nights

Consultations are held regularly at the TSU-258. Clients are given a twenty minute consultation with a practicing attorney. The consultation sessions allow the attorney and the client to discuss legal issues and procedures. The attorneys can only explain, evaluate and comment on information presented by the client. If representation is required the student/client has the option of hiring the attorney for such purposes independent of the College Legal Clinic. Consultations are free for students and faculty enrolled/working at Cal State Fullerton or other member schools.

Information & Services

Information & Services is the Titan Student Union’s answer center. Trained attendants help hundreds of customers each week in navigating the campus, finding classrooms and offices, learning details about upcoming sporting and special events, and other related inquires. Information & Services is also equipped with resource materials for Greater North Orange County. Attendants have access to telephone directories, the Thomas Guide, and Internet access to provide quick-referrals and to answer extensive customer inquiries.

Discount Tickets

One of the most popular features of Information & Services is the area’s discount ticket sales program. Available throughout the year, individuals can purchase admission tickets to local amusement parks, movie theatres, seasonal events, dinner theaters and shows, fine arts programs, and other activities. Discounts available through the Information and Services Desk range from 10 to 50 percent below comparable, “at-the-door” prices. For more information, please call (657) 278-2468.

Amusement Attractions

Aquarium of the Pacific

Boomers (4-hour pass)

  • $32.00 | Gate price – $49.99
  • *Excludes Palm Springs & Vista locations

Catalina Express (Round Trip)

  • Adults (ages 12+) – $65.00 | Gate price – $73.50

Knott’s Berry Farm

  • March 17 – September 3: All Ages – $46.00 | Gate price – $79.00

Legoland 2-Day

  • Adults (ages 13+) – $84.00 | Gate price – $98.00
  • Children (ages 3-12) – $79.00 | Gate price – $98.00

Legoland 2-Day Hopper

  • Adults (ages 13+) – $90.00 | Gate price – $104.00
  • Children (ages 3-12) – $86.00 | Gate price – $98.00

Medieval Times

Raging Waters

  • All Ages – $33.00 | Gate price – $38.99

San Diego Safari Park

  • Adults (ages 12+) – $50.00 | Gate price – $52.00
  • Children (ages 3-11) – $41.00 | Gate price – $42.00

San Diego Zoo

  • Adults (ages 12+) – $50.00 | Gate price – $52.00
  • Children (ages 3-11) – $39.00 | Gate price – $42.00

Sea World (1-Day Ticket)

  • Adults (ages 10+) – $65.00 | Gate price – $69.99
  • Children (ages 3-9) – $63.00 | Gate price – $69.99

Sea World (Fun Card)

  • Adults (ages 10+) – $82.00 | Gate price – $89.99
  • Children (ages 3-9) – $77.00 | Gate price – $84.99

Sea World (1 Day Parking)

  • Our Price – $16.00 | Gate price – $20.00

Six Flags Magic Mountain

  • All Ages – $57.00 | Gate price – $84.99

Universal Studios (1-Day Ticket)

  • All Ages – $80.00-105.00 | Gate price – $120.00
  • Price Depends on date reserved. Must reserve date in advance. Copy and paste into your browser.

Universal Studios Annual Pass

  • All Ages – $119.00 | Gate price – $179.00
  • CSUF Staff/Faculty/Students can purchase their Universal Studios Tickets online by copying and pasting into a browser.
  • Blackout dates apply.

Whale Watching-Davey’s Locker Newport Beach

  • All Ages – $20.00 | Gate price – $36.00

Movie Tickets

AMC Theatres (Unrestricted)

  • $11.50 | Regular price – $13.69
  • Not valid for online redemption. Valid at any AMC Theatres location in the United States only. Subject to surcharge for 3D, premium large screen Format (e.g., IMAX, AMC Prime), alternative content, dine-in-theatres, film festivals, special theatrical presentations and premium services; location surcharges may also apply at select locations, including Disney and Universal properties operated by AMC. AMC reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without notice, including changes and additions to surcharges fees, restrictions or exclusions.

Edward’s/Regal Premiere Cinemas

  • $9.50 | Regular price – $12.00
  • Not valid for special events, private screenings, or Online ticket purchases. Surcharges apply to all IMAX, RPX, 3D, and 4DX films. Other surcharges may apply At Premium or Luxury/Recliner seating locations. Regal EntertainmentGroup reserves the right to change or add surcharges without notice. Tickets will not be replaced if lost or stolen, are non-refundable, and have not expiration date.

More Great Savings

See’s Candies (One Pound Gift Certificates)

  • $18.40 | Retail price – $19.90

Leader & Program Development

ASI Leader and Program Development facilitates the growth of leaders within the corporation and supports their service to the campus community. The staff achieves these outcomes through leadership education, programmatic support, organizational development, risk management and assessment. By working through formal and informal means, in both the group and individual format, L&PD aims to build reflective leaders who internalize a sense of service and accountability while creating connections for those inside the corporation and across campus.

For more contact (657) 278-7736 or vist TSU-269.

Leadership Education

In addition to ongoing interactions and advisement, ASI Leader & Program Development provides a number of training and development programs for both ASI Student Leaders and leaders from the Inter-Club Councils and Funded Council.

Topics Covered for the ASI Institute for Student Leaders

  • The Leadership Challenge
  • Situational Leadership
  • Creating SMART Goals
  • Action Planning
  • Event Marketing and Promotions
  • Public Speaking
  • Conflict Resolution

Topics Covered for the Executive Senate Leadership Conference

  • ASI Policy and Procedure
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Delegation
  • Goal Setting
  • Meeting Management
  • Parliamentary Procedure
  • Budget Management
  • Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Programmatic Support & Organizational Development

ASI Leader and Program Development provides support to all of the student leadership of the ASI. Staff from the office advise ASI student leaders both formally and informally by providing training programs, assisting in student leaders’ event and program planning processes, and by meeting individually and in the group setting with student leaders.

ASI Programs and Services

  • ASI Board of Directors
  • ASI Executive Officers
  • Titan Student Centers Board of Trustees
  • Association for InterCultural Awareness (AICA)
  • ASI Productions
  • Camp Titan
  • Committee on Environmental Sustainability
  • Community Engagement Coalition
  • Lobby Corps
  • Titan Tusk Force
  • University Affairs
  • ASI Executive Senate


ASI Leader and Program Development is responsible for coordinating and administering services and programs that include the ASI Student Research Grant program and the TSU Office and Locker Space program. The office also works with the College Legal Clinic, Inc. to provide ASI Legal Referral Services.

Risk Management

Find various resources related to the risk management policies and practices of ASI.

Marketing & Design

The Marketing, Communications, & Design (MCD) department is responsible for the centralized marketing, advertising, and public relations efforts for Associated Students, CSUF, Inc., including ASI programming and the Titan Student Centers.


In addition, ASI MCD offers advertising services for all clubs and organizations on campus which includes advertising space on LCDs  and electronic message boards. MCD also helps manage the services at the Titan Pride Center for clubs and organizations.

Marketing Requests for ASI Departments and Programs

TV & EMB Requests for Campus Clubs & Organizations

Office & Locker Space

Each semester the Titan Student union offers office space and locker space services for students in need. See below for more information or contact (657) 278-7736.

Fall 2018 Office Space Applications

Each semester the Titan Student Union allocates office space to recognized clubs and organizations. Applications for office space come out at around the middle of every semester for space available in the following one. Offices can give clubs and organizations space to plan events and conduct small meetings. The offices are all located on the second floor of the TSU.


The applications are reviewed by the Titan Student Centers Governing Board’s Facilities and Operations Committee and are evaluated on merit. The TSC Governing Board will make its decision and clubs will be notified accordingly. Once a club is allocated space, the president or treasurer must attend an office space orientation program and also submit an $85 deposit. The program is monitored by ASI Leader and Program Development. For more information on applying for office space, visit the office in TSU Room 269 or call (657) 278-7736.

Locker Space

Each semester the Titan Student Union allocates locker space to recognized clubs and organizations. Lockers are allocated on a first come, first serve basis and may be requested beginning at 8am on the first Monday of classes each semester by the club president or treasurer. To request a locker or get more information contact ASI Leader & Program Development in TSU Room 269 or call (657) 278-7736.

Research Grants

Each year the Associated Students, CSUF, Inc. offers grants for student research. ASI Student Research Grants are available to CSUF graduate and undergraduate students, from all fields of study, involved in supervised research. The application process begins during the Fall semester and the recipients of the grant are notified by the first week of the Spring semester. The program is monitored by ASI Leader and Program Development. For more information on receiving a research grant, visit the office in TSU Room 269 or call (657) 278-7736.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you should have further questions about the ASI Research Grant application, please contact ASI Leader and Program Development at (657)
278-7736 or at

How much money can I request?

There is a $2,500 limit on awards. ASI Student Research Grants are awarded in increments of $50. For example, is the cost for your research is $125.89, you can request either $100 or $150.

When is the application deadline and where do I submit the application?

Applications need to be submitted directly to the ASI Leader and Program Development office in TSU-269. Check back soon for deadline application due date.

Can I request funding for research being conducted in the Fall or Summer?

No. Grants are for research being conducted in the Spring 2018 semester only. Retroactive funding is not allowed.

Does my research have to be supervised?

Yes. Your research during the Spring 2018 must be supervised and the application process will require the signature of your Faculty Advisor on the Special Considerations Page.

What are the eligibility requirements to apply?

Aside from completing and submitting the application by the deadline, our office will need to verify the following for each applicant:

  • Enrollment for the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 semesters as degree-seeking CSUF students.
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher and have at least a 2.0 GPA for the Fall semester.
  • Applicants who received research grant funding last year must have submitted a required ASI Student Research Grant Compliance Report.

For the Expenditure Pages Section of the application, do I need to provide price information?

No. For the Expenditure Pages, only include the information asked for in the application.

Do I have to submit a Special Considerations Page with the application even if my research doesn’t involve any of the items listed on the Special Considerations Page?

Yes. Please read the Special Considerations Page carefully as item “K” states “checking here certifies that none of the above (items A-I) apply to this research.” Even if you check off item “K,” you are still required to sign the form and get the signatures from your Department Chair and Faculty Advisor.

What types of requests does ASI fund?

The ASI funds the following types of requests:
  • Non-consumable items (items with a shelf life of more than one year). Non-consumables need to be directly relevant to the research and not presently available through the university.
  • Consumable Items (items with a short shelf life or that are used just once).
  • Postage for interviews and surveys not to exceed $100.
  • Study-Site Travel. The study site must be at least a minimum of 100 miles away from campus and within the USA. Sites must be specifically listed on the Expenditure Page(s) with the amount of miles from campus. Mileage is reimbursable at the rate of $0.535 per mile.

What does the ASI not fund?

The ASI does not fund the following:
  • The costs of printing a thesis
  • The costs for telephone calls
  • The costs for lodging in a private/rental home
  • The costs for conference travel

If I am doing a focus group or having individuals complete a survey, can I ask for funding for incentives?

Yes. You can request funding for incentives.

Does my letter of recommendation have to be sealed and on department letterhead?

The letter of recommendation must be on department letterhead but it doesn’t need to be sealed.

What if I am part of a group conducting a research project and the group would like to request funding?

In the case of group projects, the student can submit an application for their part of the research.

What if I am working on two different research projects in the Spring 2018? Can I apply for funding for each project?

Yes. If you will be working on two different research projects during the Spring 2018, you can apply for funding for each project. You must submit a separate application for each project.

If awarded, when will the funds be disbursed?

If awarded, the funds will be disbursed in the Spring 2018 semester. The check will be mailed to the address provided on the application.

When will I be notified if I was awarded or not?

You will be notified via email to the address listed on your application at the end of the Fall semester (most likely around Finals Week).


The scholarships awarded by Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) are not restricted to any particular major or field of study. ASI is a non-profit service organization, that places emphasis on campus and community involvement. Each scholarship has specific criteria, please read each description for complete information. If you have any questions, please call (657) 278-3295 or email Ana Aldazabal at

Spring 2018 Scholarships

Spring scholarship applications are now closed. Please visit the page in the fall for Fall 2018 scholarship information.